Holistic Private Chef Jamie Raftery

I will be available for Private Chef and Temporary Contracts in Ireland, the UK, and Europe from March 2025

Private Chef Service UK & Europe

3 Michelin star-trained holistic chef with 25 years of experience cooking around the world.


Fully booked until March 2025. Please schedule a personal call by clicking this link, or email me at jamie@holisticchefacademy.com to request references, CV, or make a booking.


Full Irish Drivers Licence - UK Based Limited Company - European Work Permit - No Criminal Record -  No Tattoos - HACCP Trained

Private House

Available for temporary private chef contracts in throughout UK and Europe.

Holiday Villa


Availability from March 2024


ENG1, STCW certified and available for short-term or rotational contracts.  

Sample Menus

All menus are wholefood plant-based (vegan)


All dietary requirements, intolerances, and food allergies can be accommodated


  • Individualized dietary meal plans available upon request
  • Juice programs are available upon request
  • Fine dining menus are available upon request
  • Healthy children's menu and cooking class available upon request


I have a broad repertoire of international recipes and can adapt to most cuisines and dining concepts.


Oat & Chia Bircher

Walnut, apple, raisin, cinnamon, lemon

Tropical Chia Pudding

Pineapple, passion fruit, mango, lime

Buckwheat Kasha

Pumpkin seed, almond, raspberries

Acai Berry Bowl

Coconut water, chia seeds, banana

Homemade Granola

Cacao sesame butter, blueberry jam, hazelnut butter


Greek Salad

Vegan feta, cucumber, tomato, olives, peppers, oregano

Mexican Tacos

BBQ jackfruit, mango salsa, guacamole, cashew sour cream

Black Bean Burger

Cashew aioli, spiced baked potato, rainbow slaw

Rice Paper Rainbow Rolls

Tahini miso dressing, potato salad, gomashio

BBQ Mushroom Wrap

Nori seaweed, spinach, kimchi slaw


Yakisoba Noodles

Shiitake, cabbage, edamame, tofu teriyaki

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine

Couscous, pomegranate, apricot, fig, mint

Lentil Bolognese

Potato mash, garden peas, roast root vegetables

Tofu Tahini

Quinoa, Gomashio, Broccoli

Vietnamese Pho

Rice noodles, tempeh, beansrouts, fresh herbs

Food Images

Holistic Private Chef Rates

Daily Rate

£400 . 00

1 Day

Perfect for dinner parties, birthdays, anniversaries, or special events
  • Vat not applicable
  • Cost of ingredients extra
  • Cost of travel extra
  • Cost of accommodation extra

Weekly Rate

£1900 . 00

5 Days

Perfect for special events, holidays, or family gatherings
  • Vat not applicable
  • Cost of ingredients extra
  • Cost of travel extra
  • Cost of accommodation extra

Monthly Rate

£7200 . 00

20 Days

Perfect for longer-term family cooking or health program
  • Vat not applicable
  • Cost of ingredients extra
  • Cost of travel extra
  • Cost of accommodation extra

Meet Your Holistic Private Chef

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Fully Booked for 2023

Previous Guests Feedback

Jamie was great. Really friendly and happy to talk about the dishes and the ingredients, but also maintains a very professional attitude. He was very attentive and really wonderful to have around

Emma DanceEmma DanceGuest

Having pre-warned Jamie about the small scale of my kitchen, he arrived all prepped and ready to go an hour before our guests were due to arrive.
Super friendly and effortlessly whizzed round in the kitchen as if it were his own.
The food was great. A lot of dishes contained elements we'd never had, and it was interesting hearing Jamie talk about their nutritional properties and his whole ethos on food. It sparked a lot of conversation.
The whole evening was lovely. It felt like we were collaboratively hosting - which takes the pressure off - and not having to do all the washing up made it a breeze.

Lucianna S.Lucianna S.Software engineer

Jamie was exceptional. He was very calm and let us take our time with starting. The food was delicious, he was charming and made it feel like he was hosting us in his home/restaurant. An absolute pleasure!

Daniel H.Daniel H.Host

The care and attention that went into planning and creating our 6-course meal tonight was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Jamie's vegan choices were inspired and creative. They would have turned any avid meat eater’s head.
Jamie showed up and quietly got to work. No fuss. No demands. No ceremony. He was perfectly on time. Each course was served and described in perfect detail. The flavor combinations are explained. The presentation is immaculate. And the taste...I can’t really even describe it. If I wasn’t being more polite than usual I’d have drunk the mushroom gravy directly from the gravy boat.
And THEN. He did the washing up. He left the kitchen exactly as he found it. And quietly left to allow us to continue our hen party evening.
I absolutely love finding people with a quiet passion for what they do. Those who don’t need or expect praise or approval. They just clearly love what they do, so much, and carry it out with excellence. That was our Jamie. And he made our night

Kristina G.Kristina G.Host

Jamie cooked for our family at a Golden Wedding celebration. His food was fantastic and he engaged so well with our family, including the children, making the meal a really relaxed and special experience. Our family had traveled from all around the world to be there, and every single member of the party raved about Jamie's meal and the whole ambiance he created.

Alison T.Alison T.Host


Holistic Chef UK LTD, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England




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