Chickpea Tofu  (Easy Soy-Free Recipe)

Assemble ingredients - full recipe link provided at the end

Add all the ingredients to a blender

Blend everything for 30 seconds

Pour the mix into a cold wide-bottom saucepan

Whisk to a gentle simmer

Cook for about 8 minutes - whisking all the time 

Add the nutritional yeast and check the seasoning

When cooked, transfer to a container to set

Smoothen with the back of a spoon

Tap firmly on a sturdy work surface to knock out any air bubbles 

Allow to set in the fridge overnight - then turn out onto a cutting board

Cut into what ever shapes you like

Cut the chickpea tofu into cubes and use in anyways you would cook soy tofu

There you have it. A delicious chickpea tofu recipe with limitless possibilities to incorporate into various recipes  

Time to wash the dishes!

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