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A healthy menu development solution for the hospitality industry

Exclusive access to a database of wellness recipes and 1-1 support to develop your F&B wellness offerings 

Recipes and menus you'll love, guaranteed

We didn't reinvent the wheel, we're just cooking real food

Tried and tested wellness recipes you can incorporate into your menus.

Ongoing 1-1 support to help you with all aspects of your healthy menu developments.


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Jamie's recipes are easy to follow and our guests love the extra healthy vegan options on our menu. 

Tom WilliamsTom WilliamsChef Patron, The Salutation Inn, Devon, UK

Jamie introduced my team to lots of new plant-based techniques and inspired us with his passion for healthy cooking. He exceeded our expectations and was a pleasure to work with.

 Prabhash Prabhakaran Prabhash PrabhakaranExecutive Chef, Anantara Kihavah, Maldives

Jamie has a great depth of knowledge on healthy foods that are important in today's diet, allergy-driven world.

Tom AikensTom AikensChef Patron, Muse, London

Jamie is one of the best natural cooks I've ever worked with. His knowledge and passion for plant-based cooking is rare to find. We incorporate many Holistic Chef Academy recipes and techniques into our menus. 

Dan MastersDan MastersExecutive Chef, The Standard, Bangkok

Jamie has been a regular guest chef teacher at Leiths for 3 years. Students were hugely receptive to his teaching style, knowledge, and enthusiasm. Those lucky enough to have taught with him here always admire his professional and passionate approach.

Leith's Cookery SchoolLeith's Cookery SchoolLondon, UK

Membership benefits

Support so good you'll never need to go anywhere else for your healthy wellness recipes. Seriously!

500+ Recipes 

Access to our tried and tested database of wholefood plant-based recipes

Meal Plans

Access to our selection of seasonal menus and meal plans

Menu Design

Request a bespoke menu for any upcoming health-focused plant-based events

1-1 Support

Exclusive access to Chef Jamie for support with your wellness menu developments


Keep up to date with new artisan suppliers and get the best wholesale prices

On-Site Training

Exclusive access to Holistic Chef Academy on-site training (extra cost)

Recent recipes

5 star recipes 

Fit for a Michelin-star kitchen

Designed to nourish the body, mind, and soul

Who we work with

Our recipes are proudly featured on menus all over the world.

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Recipe, menus, online courses & more.

Healthy recipes 

500+ growing database of tried and tested industry-standard recipes

Dietary meal plans

Access our collection of detox, weight-loss, Ayurveda, and other meal programs 

Online courses

Access our growing collection of online courses 

Nutrition labels

All recipes have full nutrition label  

New dining concepts

We will work with you to develop your new wellness dining concept

Holistic chef AI

Access cutting-edge technology to streamline your workload

Ingredient library

Training library of plant-based ingredients

Request a recipe

Need a recipe that you can't find on the website? We will create it for you within 48hrs

Kitchen management 

Access our database of kitchen management templates

Carbon footprint

Access to software for calculating recipe carbon footprint

Bespoke menus

We will work with you to create a wellness menu for upcoming events (1 menu request at a time)

Team development 

Support with creating job descriptions, interview questions, appraisals, and training plans

Digitalize menus

Digitalize your menus with industry-leading software FineDineMenu

Recipe costing

Access software to cost your recipes

Member discounts

Avail of discounts with our select partners for IT, food, drinks, and equipment

Membership levels

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Membership window opens on October 1st, 2023

We restrict the number of members we take on board so that we can give our undivided focus and attention to our current member's menu and product development.

We open the membership window every three months. 


The membership window is closed until January 1st, 2024

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When can I join My Wellness Chef as a member?Our next opening is on 1st October 2023. Schedule an appointment to apply for membership.

How do we start to work together?Click here to schedule a call to discuss your requirements and apply to join as an exclusive member of My Wellness Chef. We partner with select clients that align with our core values.

How is payment made to confirm service?
We accept payments via STRIPE secure payment gateway via credit card.

How do I access my recipes and menus?
We have custom-designed members-only access to our database of recipes, menus, meal plans, online courses, training resources, and more. This is where we will share all your recipes and menus.

How do I receive ongoing culinary advice?Jamie and the team will be available via Google Meet for ongoing support. 1-1 or group calls and chats are available to all our members to maintain support and offer ongoing advice for implementing your Wellness Cuisine.

What is the cost for on-site training?
Our daily consulting rate for My Wellness Chef members is $700. 

1-week on-site training: 5 days ($3500)
2-week on-site training: 10 days ($7000)
(Prices include all taxes)

International travel and full board accommodation for 2 persons are to be provided.

What is the brand ambassador role?We believe in building long-term partnerships and sharing news of each other's wellness culinary developments. As a member of My Wellness Chef, we will partner on social media and PR activity to help raise awareness of the positive culinary developments that are improving people's lives and doing good for the environment.

Do you provide certificates of training?
Yes, we provide training certificates for all students who complete our online and offline training.

Do you provide company invoices and receipts?
Yes, we will issue an official invoice and receipts along with the annual contract agreement. 

Can I cancel my membership?- Month-to-month membership can be canceled at any time (You will have use of services until your current membership expires / non-refundable)

- Quarterly membership can be canceled at any time (You will have use of services until your current membership expires / non-refundable)

- Annual membership can be canceled at any time (You will have use of services until your current membership expires / non-refundable)

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