Life On Plants Meal Prep Membership

  • Life On Plants is an online plant-based meal prep membership designed to give you all the recipes, inspiration, and support you need to cook delicious healthy meals at home.

If you're deeply interested in finding the lifestyle that will bring you joy and the nutrition that will give your body vitality... I invite you to join this enriching membership that's changing the lives of hundreds of people. 

Whats' for dinner?

  • Is wondering what you're going to cook for dinner stressing you out?
  • Do you want to nourish your family with delicious and healthy food?
  • Is your weekly shopping bill getting out of control?
  • Do you want to eat more flexitarian and plant-based foods, but don't know where to start?
  • Do you need motivation and inspiration to cook more at home?

How Life On Plants works

  • Browse our seasonal recipe collections and resources
  • Save all your favorite recipes and plan your weekly menus
  • Utilize our smart shopping list and meal planning software
  • Get cooking with the support and encouragement from Chef Jamie and the Life On Plants community.
  • Save time, save costs, and have healthier food to enjoy at home

Join the community

  • Access to 100's of tried and tested recipes
  • Access to our community group with lots of resources, live Q&A sessions,  and cooking classes.
  • Tips on nutrition, intuitive eating, healthy lifestyle, kitchen organization, cooking, and much more...
  • 1-1 support and feedback from Jamie and the team
  • Cancel and rejoin anytime

Monthly Membership


Month To Month Access

    6 Month Membership


    6 Month Access

      Annual Membership


      1 Year Access

        Corporate Membership Package


        50 Annual Memberships

        Perfect For Your Teams Wellness Benefits Package
        • Introductory Virtual Cooking Class Included

        Eat Good = Feel Good

        • Safely transition to a plant-based lifestyle
        • Accessible to all levels of cooks
        • Manage your cooking time more effectively
        • Develop your cooking skills and knowledge
        • Discover new ingredients and learn how to cook them
        • Recipes the whole family can enjoy
        • Boost your health and vitality
        • Good for the environment, the animals, and your wallet

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        Registered Dietician Approved

        Benefits of a plant-based lifestyle

        Our mission is to simplify the journey to a wholefood, plant-based lifestyle with a complete ecosystem of education, support, and delicious recipes.

        • Natural Weightloss
        • Boost Immunity 
        • Strengthen Mental Clarity 
        • Promotes Good Sleep 
        • Balances Blood Sugar Levels
        • Balances High Cholesterol Levels
        • Reduced Blood Pressure 
        • Reduces Inflammation 
        • Improves Digestion & Gut Health
        • Boosts Stamina & Endurance
        • Helps Prevent Dis-ease 

        Meet the team

        Introducing you to the core team behind Life On Plants. Together we are committed to supporting you on your journey to cooking and eating healthier. 

        Jamie Raftery 

        Holistic Chef & Founder 

        Morgane Quinchon

        Registered Dietician

        Thara Thanmanithara

        Recipe Developer & Food Photographer

        What Jamies' students say

        I just followed a wonderful cooking session with Jamie at Leith School and was most impressed by his recipes as well as by the depth of his knowledge and experience. He also has a lovely and warm presence which made the session even more enjoyable.

        Emmanuelle REmmanuelle RLeith's Cookery School Student

        Excellent menus and virtual cooking class, easy-to-follow recipes. Jamie makes cooking fun!

        Teresa DTeresa DHolistic Chef Academy Student

        Very informative session. Lots of tips from Jamie about ingredients, general kitchen management as well as cooking methods. Jamie is very knowledgeable about food generally and combines ingredients in a magical way to create extremely tasty food.

        Lynne MLynne MHolistic Chef Academy Student

        Frequently asked questions

        Wondering how Life On Plants can improve your cooking and lifestyle?

        What is Life On Plants meal prep members club?Life on Plants is the ultimate plant-based solution to “What’s for dinner tonight?!” Add your favorite recipes to meal plans, generate smart shopping lists, discover new ingredients,  and develop your healthy culinary skills at home with the support of Jamie and The Life On Plants team.
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        Who is Life On Plants meal prep club suitable for?Anyone transitioning from an animal-based diet to a plant-based lifestyle and wishing to develop their healthy cooking skills while sharing more deliciously nourishing food at home with friends and family.
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        How much does Life On Plants membership cost?You can try Life on Plants completely risk-free for 7-days to sample our recipes and the flexibility of the plan. For membership, we have three different subscriptions starting from €10/month.

        Save more by joining for 6-month or 12-month memberships.

        6-months: €50
        12-months: €90

        How do I get started?We offer a totally risk-free 7 days free trial so you can check out all of the features and some of our best recipes before committing to a subscription. You can cancel your subscription or rejoin anytime.
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        If I buy a month and don’t like the recipes after a few days, can I get a refund?No. If you’re unsure about the recipes and want to see what they’re like before joining, please try recipes from our free member's area first or check out our free trial option. You can cancel before the free trial is up.
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        How do you process payments?You’re charged €10 each month from the day you sign up after your free trial. When you disable your subscription, the recurring charges will stop.
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        Is there an APP?No, there is no need to download yet another app!
        All weekly content will be provided within a members-only blog post. You can access all current and previous recipes via any device.
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        Are recipes the same as on the Holistic Chef Academy blog?Holistic Chef Academy recipes are specially designed and easy to follow. They can be made in about 30 minutes; using easy-to-find seasonal ingredients. All recipes follow the same plant-based, whole-food philosophy, as well as helping to reduce cost, waste, and time spent in the kitchen.
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        Are all the recipes Vegan friendly?Yes 100%, all recipes are plant-based vegan made from whole foods.
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        How many people does the recipe serve?Recipes can be scaled to serve any number. The recipe collections feature does all of the math and grocery adjustments for you.
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        Can I print out the recipes and weekly collections?Yes, with a couple of clicks you can easily print out the recipes and keep them in your kitchen for ease of access and writing any notes.
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        Do the recipes have the calories and macro calculations included?Yes, all recipes provide a complete nutritional breakdown per portion and in relation to your RDA % (recommended daily allowance)
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        I’m cooking for my family and myself. Will these recipes work for a family?Yes, indeed! Many families use the recipe collections and adapt the recipes for kids depending on their tastes.
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        Can I exclude ingredients that I am allergic to?We offer adjustment tips for common food sensitivities like nuts, gluten, and soy. Recipes come with recommendations and notes. In addition, members enjoy access to our community group where they can exchange recommendations for recipes, substitutions, and kid-friendly modifications.
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        Do the recipes provide enough protein?Yes, the recipes have been approved by a Registered Dietician and they include a wide variety of plant-based proteins that contain all the essential amino acids your body needs.
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        Do I need to take supplements if I go 100% plant-based?It is advised to take Vitamin B12 supplements when not consuming any animal products. For any other specific nutritional advice, I advise consulting with your medical practitioner or please get in touch with us to make an appointment with our Registered Dietician.
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