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One-On-One Remote Culinary Health Coaching: 3-Month Program €360

Partner with a professional holistic chef to develop your culinary skills 

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Develop Cooking Skills, Eat Well & Feel Your Best

We are bombarded these days with so many messages advising us on how to eat for health: Each day it seems new studies come out advising us that a particular food is a miracle and cautioning us against other foods we thought were "healthy."


No one seems to know exactly what is "healthy," and it’s possible that the answer is not the same for everyone.


The one constant the experts agree on is that avoiding ultra-processed foods and eating real food—vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and not too processed proteins is important.


At the same time, in order to stick with healthy eating, it must be delicious and satisfying.


One of the best ways to achieve both goals is to cook for ourselves at home more.


When you cook at home, you can control the quality and cost of the ingredients, the portion size, and the amount of sodium, fat, and sugar in each dish.


You can start with fresh and nutritious ingredients that you love, to create delicious and satisfying meals.

What is a culinary coach?

As your culinary health coach, Jamie asks the right questions, listens to your answers, and partners with you to create a doable plan to achieve and sustain your health goals. 

What can you achieve?

Learn about healthier ingredients, improve your cooking skills, create a healthy kitchen and find the time for healthy home cooking. 

What can you expect?

Jamie creates a safe environment and offers support and accountability. You will be inspired and motivated to take on challenges, see results and achieve your culinary health goals. 

Live Your Best & Healthiest Life

Topics to be covered during the program include:

  • Introduction to healthier plant-based ingredients
  • New cooking skills and techniques
  • Create a healthy kitchen and pantry
  • Developing healthier routines
  • Personalised recipes and meal plans
  • Safely transitioning to a wholefood plant-based diet
  • Finding the time for healthy home cooking
  • Implementing dietary recommendations from your health care provider
  • Following diets to improve or treat health concerns (e.g. pre-diabetes, heart disease)

One-On-One Remote Culinary Coaching Program

3-Month Program - €360

Culinary Coaching Program Dates for 2023

January - March 2023 (Fully Booked)
April - June 2023
July - September 2023
October - December 2023

We will meet for six 45-minute sessions, every two weeks, by computer or phone. In between weekly calls, we will be in one-to-one contact via WhatsApp.


Working one-on-one is an individual experience. I will provide the structure to keep you focused and moving forwards.


During the sessions, I will review your culinary goals, acknowledge successes, identify barriers, and strategize ways to overcome those barriers.


You will have access to culinary resources and recipes along the way.


1-Year Access To Life On Plants Meal Planning Members Club Included In The Coaching Program 

Connect From Anywhere

You can connect to the sessions in one of two ways:

  • 1. Computer, Tablet, Smartphone

    Connecting via one of these devices will allow you to see Jamie via webcam and to be seen via your own webcam as well. This option connects through the internet so you can participate from anywhere you have internet service.
  • 2. Smartphone, Cell Phone or Landline

    You can also connect by audio-only through your phone of choice. This would be the same as making a standard phone call (long distance charges may apply).

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One-On-One Remote Culinary Coaching Program

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